Teaser to Dirty Harry Imagine


It was a calm night on the tour bus. I was visiting my boyfriend Harry for 2 weeks because I hadn’t seen him since the start of the Take Me Home tour. We were just snuggled together in the couch watching the rest of the boys play Fifa.
“Harry?” I whispered in his ear, placing my hand on his cheek and turning his face towards me.
“Yeah babe?” He answered. His emerald eyes staring right into mine.
“Fuck me.” I said blatantly. Harry’s eyes widened at my boldness as I bit my lip. “Why aren’t you saying anything babe? You don’t want to fuck me?” I asked teasingly gently tugging on his earlobe, running one hand through his hair.
“Jesus, (Y/N).” He said under his breath, his eyes closed. I was really enjoying this power over him, we were both pretty dominant and took turns. Looked like tonight would be my turn.
I started rubbing Harry’s thigh very subtly over his jogging bottoms, he let out a low groan throwing his head back and his eyes closing tighter. “Alright boys I’m feeling a bit tired,” Zayn announced as he got up from the floor, “I don’t think I can keep playing. Harry will you finish the game for me mate?” Zayn asked passing him the controller.
“Um Zayn I don’t think Harry can play tonight. He’s feeling rather… poorly.”As I winked at him I felt Harry grow very hard. Zayn chuckled and shook his head.
“I think I can see it too (Y/N).”Zayn said playing along while leaving the room. Niall took his vision from the tv for a bit to glance over at Harry and I.
“Yeah mate, you look a bit pale. Maybe you should go to bed.” He said trying to stifle his laughter.
“Maybe we should.” I whispered again in his ear, this time getting up and walking to the bunks, Harry eagerly following behind me as we left the rest of the boys playing the game.
“I hope Harry gets better.”I heard Liam say. Niall and Louis laughed at his naiveness, he obviously hadn’t caught on.

By the time we were both in his bunk we could hear the soft snores of Zayn across from us. Good he was already asleep. The bunk was nice, big enough for me to rest on my knees. I made Harry get in before me and settles between his legs. “Hi.” I giggled.
“Hey.” He replied. “You’re so fit do you know that?” He reached up to my waist, attempting to pull me onto him. I slid out of his grip.
“How long has it been Harry?” I wavered my hand around his crotch.
“4 months (Y/N). 4 long, gruelling months.” He said, his voice gravelly and full of lust.
“Then we should end this dry spell, shouldn’t we?” I gripped both hands onto the top on his trousers. He nodded his head. I yanked them down and my eyes almost popped of of my head. “I forgot big you were Harry. You’re massive.” A grin grew on his face and he let out a little chuckle. That fucker.

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